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How to apply for information?

The video shows the procedure for submitting requests for information.

To receive information it is necessary to apply to the information holder with a written, electronic, or oral request. The written or oral requests should be submitted to one of the following departments in the appropriate body/organization.

  • General department,
  • Press service or public relations department,
  • responsible person for freedom of information.

An electronic request can be sent:

  • through the “Send request/application” or other relevant section available on the official website of the information holder,
  • e-mail to the official e-mail address of the information holder,
  • through the e-request unified platform.


In the written and electronic request, the applicant is obliged to indicate the name, surname, citizenship, location of residence, work, or educational institution (in the case of a legal entity – name, location). A written request must be signed.

In addition to the above, the electronic request must contain:

  • electronic digital signature (using an identification card). In the absence of an electronic signature, you can scan the original signed request and send it in PDF format as an attachment.
  • email address.


In the request to receive information, the necessary information should be formulated as clearly as possible.

In order not to reject the request for information based on not meeting the requirements of the request, you can use the request sample prepared by the Freedom of Information Center.

Attention: the applicant does not have to justify the request as to why he needs the given information or how he plans to use it.

The video was developed and published by the Freedom of Information Center NGO (FOICA) within the “Advanced Access to Information and Beneficial Ownership Transparency in Armenia” project: The Project is supported by the Eastern Partnership: Open Door Grants, Sub-grants provided under the EU for Integrity Programme. The content is solely the responsibility of the FOICA and does not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.


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