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Fact Checking. Training session for Artsakh journalists

Today, we completed the training courses aimed at developing professional capabilities with Artsakh journalists.
On January 16-17, we dove deep into the fact-checking world led by Samvel Martirosyan. The discussions were not only eye-opening but also incredibly comprehensive, covering everything from fake factories to the various ways fake information spreads, analyzing photos and videos, and utilizing different tools for detection.
Participants explored search engines’ capabilities and additional tools to up our game in separating fact from fiction.

On the second day, Samvel Martirosyan delved into the fascinating realm of artificial intelligence, shedding light on its current rapid development, its possibilities, and the pros and cons of its application in journalism.

In the next stage, Artsakh journalists will prepare journalistic multimedia materials, applying the knowledge and skills acquired in the courses.

The project is implemented by the Freedom of Information Center with support from the international organization Reporters Without Borders.



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