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Strategy For Enforcement of FOI in Armenia 2020 –2024

The Strategy is prepared and is implemented by the Freedom of Information Centre of Armenia (FOICA). 

The Aim

The FOICA’s strategy is developed for:

  • Transparency of governance;
  • Reduction and elimination of corruption;
  • Civil society participation.


  • Public education and awareness;
  • Training of civil society groups and representatives of state and public bodies;
  • Development of good mechanisms for providing information in state and public bodies;
  • Establishment of the Freedom of Information and Data protection Ombudsman (Commissioner);
  • Protection of the right to information;
  • Effective judicial control over entertainment of the right to information;
  • Importing regional and international experiences and best practices into Armenia;
  • Development of e-governance in Armenia;
  • Fostering Open Government Partnership (OGP) objectives in Armenia.

Main Strands

  • Legal counseling, Advocacy and Strategic Litigation
  • Trainings
  • Public Campaign
  • Legislation reforms
  • Improvement of mechanisms for proactive publication of information by the central and local government bodies
  • E-Government Reforms
  • Monitoring of Implementation of the FOI legislation
  • Assistance for effective investment of Open Government Partnership global initiative objectives in Armenia.
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