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ATI self-assessment mechanisms: workshop with FOI officials took place

On August 29, a workshop focused on the implementation of Access to Information self-assessment mechanisms took place. The event was attended by approximately 25 representatives from various ministries’ public relations departments and Access to Information (ATI) officials.

The Freedom of Information Center, in collaboration with the OGP-Armenia Secretariat, organized this meeting. The primary purpose was to introduce and discuss the implementation process of the 3rd commitment outlined in the OGP National 5th Action Plan. This commitment aims to establish a self-assessment system for evaluating the state of Freedom of Information within governmental bodies.

FOI expert Gevorg Hayrapetyan introduced the ATI Self-Assessment Toolkit, which outlines essential standards and questions that ATI officials can utilize to evaluate the status of Freedom of Information. The toolkit serves as a guideline to help assess compliance and effectiveness in ensuring access to information. The training session delved into several key topics, including:

  • Creating the necessary conditions to ensure the proper implementation of Freedom of Information responsibilities.
  • Promoting proactive disclosure of information to the public.
  • Addressing reactive requests for the provision of information.


The event was carried out within the “Advanced Access to Information and Beneficial Ownership Transparency in Armenia” project implemented by the Freedom of Information Center NGO. The Project is supported by the Eastern Partnership: Open Door Grants, Sub-grants provided under the EU for Integrity Programme.


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