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FOICA published the Black List 2023

During 2023, the following state agencies and officials violated the constitutional right of people or organizations to access information by providing unreasonable or incomplete responses, illegal denials, or leaving requests unanswered.

During 2023, 70 information requests were registered on the FOICA’s online request platform.

86% of requests received a timely full response, and 7% received a late full response. One percent of requests were given “unjustified rejection” and another percent received “unjustified response” status.

4% of requests remained unanswered.

The following officials and organizations are included in the 2023 Annual Black List:

  • First Deputy Mayor of Yerevan, Acting Mayor (17.03.2023-13.10.2023) Levon Hovhannisyan,
  • Chief of Staff of the RA Constitutional Court Samvel Arakelyan and
  • “Civil Contract” ruling party.

You can find the detailed information and the criteria of the Black List here.


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