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The Implementation Phase of the ATI Self-Assessment system

On November 21, 2023, the second workshop focused on the integration of Freedom of Information (FOI) self-assessment mechanisms was held. Attended by approximately 20 representatives from the Prime Minister’s Office, various ministries, and public relations departments of state bodies the event marked a collaborative effort between the Freedom of Information Center and the Secretariat of OGP-Armenia.

The session primarily aimed to shed light on the execution of the 3rd commitment within the 5th Action Plan of the OGP-Armenia. It is proposed to develop and introduce a unified system for self-assessment and statistics maintenance/publicizing of the field of freedom of information, which will be used by the state-authorized body every year for evaluating the process of execution of the right to freedom of information within the state administration system.

A central theme of the discussion revolved around issues related to information registration and classification. Participants underscored the significance of making this the primary step for all departments. Hayrapetyan introduced the information classification template outlined in the Toolkit, illustrating its use as a fundamental step. Through practical examples, attendees delved into the process of completing the form, identifying gaps, and discussing challenges within the information registration and classification process.

In a pioneering move, the RA Prime Minister’s office, along with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Economy, were designated as pilot bodies for the initial implementation of the system. Leading the discussion, FOICA expert Gevorg Hayrapetyan outlined the purpose of the FOI self-assessment Toolkit, emphasizing its necessity and presenting the essential steps for conducting the self-assessment of freedom of information in state bodies.

Concluding the meeting, Lilia Afrikyan, coordinator of OGP-Armenia, proposed that the Freedom of Information Center collaborate, as a preliminary step, with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. The suggested collaboration involves initially classifying the information available within the body and subsequently assessing the body’s activities by completing the ATI self-assessment questionnaire.

The workshop ended with a determination to tackle practical issues that were raised and to further explore additional matters in upcoming sessions.

The event was carried out within the “Advanced Access to Information and Beneficial Ownership Transparency in Armenia” project implemented by the Freedom of Information Center NGO. The Project is supported by the Eastern Partnership: Open Door Grants, Sub-grants provided under the EU for Integrity Programme


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