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Sub-Grant Project # 22

Name of the sub-grantee: NGO for Sustainable Development Initiatives “Astghatsolk”

Name of the sub-grant project: “Creation of the data visualisation bureau for CSOs I see”

Brief Description:

The project aim is to create “I see” data visualization bureau which main purpose is to promote the data visualisation creation institutional capacity of Astghatsolk NGO and to assist CSOs in presenting theirs monitorings, researches to the target audience in an innovative, creative and available way.
“I see” Social Enterprise logotype and brand book will be created at the end of the project and an official commercial page on Facebook will be created. The Facebook official page will be promoted due CSOs, state and community government paid advertisements.

Actions in Brief:

1.Organize Capacity Building Training on data visualization in target spheres for CSOs, state and local governments
2․ Guidance on visual materials preparing process.
3. Visual content promotion on Facebook.
4. Organize “Adobe Photoshop” training course for Astghatsolk NGO staff.
5. “I see” Social Enterprise marketing planning․
6․ Create “I see” brand book and Facebook group.
7. Organize project closing forum-presentation.


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