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Sub-Grant Project # 21

Name of the sub-grantee: ‘’Youth Ideas’’ YNGO
Name of the sub-grant project: “Citizens Budget Initiative for Dilijan Community:

Brief Description:

Problem: Budget documents are usually written complicated, with special formulations that are difficult to understand for non-specialists, which is compounded by the low level of awareness of citizens and organizations. In Dilijan community there is a lack of specialized platforms and initiatives, information tools, and awareness raising campaigns.
The goal of the project:
Develop ‘’Youth Ideas’’ YNGO’s capacities in the spheres of freedom of information and budgeting. Develop a collaborative framework for ‘’Youth Ideas’’ YNGO, local government representatives and youth of nearby villages through the development of perceptible budget forms for citizens, as well as development of the advocacy projects.
Expected results of the project:
Result 1 – Eight public discussions, meetings on community budgeting, cost effectiveness and public oversight have been conducted.
Result 2 – 7 meetings – discussions, community budget sources and expenditure forms were developed, as well as 1 in – depth training on freedom of information Law have been organized.
Result 3 – ‘’Youth Ideas’’ NGO’s staff and youth beneficiaries from rural areas have acquired SMM knowledge to disseminate and publicize topics of public importance through social networks.
• New format of the official social network pages of the NGO has been redesigned.
• A Facebook group on community budget has been established.
Result 4 – At the end of the training we have the preliminary package / template for the 2 grant competition proposals, the actions, goals, projects clearly formulated, the draft budget presented.

Actions in Brief:

Action 1. Public discussion/meetings on community budgeting, budget spending effectiveness and public oversight.
Action 2. Development of Community Budget Sources and Expenditure Forms and Freedom of Information Law Training
Action 3.
3.1. Training on social awareness toolkit on social networks
3.2. Redesigning NGOs Pages on Social Networks
3.3. Establishment of a welcoming budget initiative.
Action 4.
4.1. Training Course on the development and design of Advocacy projects.
4.2. Preparation of 2 preliminary project proposals.


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