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About Foica


Thanks to two years of efforts of FOICA and active cooperation with partners, the Concept and the Action Plan of the Struggle against Disinformation 2024-2026 were adopted. The documents were developed by the Freedom of Information Center of Armenia.
In January 2024, the "Civil Pact" party, after the FOICA appealed to the court, asked to sign a settlement agreement and provided the required information on pre-election fundraising.
This is the first court precedent in Armenia, which refers to proactive transparency; the local public authority was obliged to fulfill the duty established by the FOI law to ensure proactive transparency, based on a judicial act.

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Success Story 38։ Another Step Towards Accessibility to Official Documents

On March 23, 2022, Armenia finally concluded the ratification process of the Council of Europe Convention on Access to Official Documents.

The Freedom of Information Center of Armenia has been actively supporting and advocating for the Convention ratification since 2018. We have repeatedly informed the public about its importance and necessity for joining this document. Our close cooperation with the RA Ministry of Justice encouraged the Government to take active steps in the process of ratification.

Armenia signed the Convention on Access to Official Documents on June 24, 2020.

This is the first international document of this level in which states not only recognize the right to access information but also agree to ensure such a right and cooperate in the field of access.


The main advantage of the Convention is the creation of the world’s first international monitoring system in the field of access to public information. In other words, it will monitor how the signatory countries have effectively implemented the provisions of the Convention (minimum access standards).

To do this, two monitoring bodies are established:

1. The Group of Specialists on Access to Official Documents is a body that will include independent and highly qualified specialists in the field of access to official documents. The purpose of this body is to monitor the effectiveness of the application of the Convention provisions by the signatory countries.

To this end, the Group of Specialists may provide its expertise on the implementation of the provisions of the Convention, make suggestions for its improvement, exchange information and report on significant achievements, as well as submit its proposals to the Consultation of the Parties. In addition, the Group of Specialists will report on the adequacy of the legal measures and practices taken by the signatory countries to implement the provisions of the Convention.

2. Consultation of the Parties is a body consisting of one representative from each of the signatory countries to the Convention and which will:

  • Consider reports, opinions, and proposals of the Group of Specialists on Access to Official Documents․
  •  Provide recommendations and suggestions to the Parties․

Chart of signatures and ratifications of Treaty 205

History of Ratification in Armenian


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