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National Concept of the Struggle against Disinformation 2024-2026

Thanks to two years of efforts, the Concept and the Action Plan of the Struggle against Disinformation 2024-2026 were adopted. The document brings together the efforts of government, civil society, and citizens to combat disinformation.

The documents were developed by the Freedom of Information Center of Armenia in cooperation with the Information and Public Relations Center and with the support of the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE). Lusine Grigoryan from the Media Initiatives Center and Anna Naghdalyan from the International Republican Institute (IRI) also participated in the development process.

The main goal of the Concept is to ensure the proper response of the Government of Armenia by preventing, reducing, and neutralizing the risks of disinformation. The Concept envisages the scope, purpose, modern methods, and tools for combating disinformation. The document defines the strategic directions of combating disinformation, which the Government of Armenia should be guided by in communicating with the public, media, and civil society. It envisages a complex of urgent and immediate actions to protect the Republic of Armenia, its institutions, and its citizens from disinformation.

The Concept against disinformation incorporates 3 strategic directions։

  • Strengthen the capabilities of state institutions of Armenia to prevent, detect, and analyze disinformation;
  • Improving cooperation and mobilizing the private sector to tackle disinformation;
  • Raising awareness and level of education on media freedoms and media literacy by constituting societal resilience towards disinformation.

The Concept of the Struggle against Disinformation 2024-2026 

The Action Plan of the Concept of the Struggle against Disinformation 2024-2026 

On the Approval of the 2024-2026 Concept of the Fight Against Disinformation of the Republic of Armenia and the Plan of Action Arising from it, Decision of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, N 1319-L, 27 December 2023



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