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Sub-Grant Project # 23

Name of the sub-grantee: “Association of Young Journalists” NGO
Name of the sub-grant project: “Media Bridge: effective communication for the transparent governance”

Brief Description:

The project goal is to develop the AYJ NGO’s educational and media service provision capacity by creating educational program and online learning platform of Armenian regional NGOs engaged in monitoring and advocacy aimed at development of the capabilities of public communication and the implementation of the tools for the freedom of information.

The Project Objectives are:

1. To develop the AYJ NGO’s educational and media service provision institutional capacity
Developing the capabilities of the beneficiary NGOs in the areas of public communication and freedom of information through an online learning platform created to ensure the quality of educational programs and media services offered by the AYJ NGO.

Actions in Brief:

The program envisages the following actions:
1. Needs Assessment among the targeted NGOs in the subject area.
2. Development of training materials (video lessons and tutorials) on identified needs.
3. Development of professional capacities of AYJ NGO in the subject areas.
4. Development of the internal and external media / PR procedures, planning the media campaign strategy applicable to the beneficiary NGOs by taking for granted the example of AYJ NGO.
5. Preparation of the AYJ NGO’s official website, dissemination of educational materials prepared as a result of the project.
6. Implementation of online trainings for at least 25 regional beneficiary NGO representatives.
7. Effective cooperation with the media of above-mentioned NGOs, providing a toolkit for Freedom of Information and PR, as well as a contact database of the largest Armenian media companies.
8. Providing individual coaching and mentoring services to beneficiaries to enhance learning by doing.
9. Ensure effective communication between project beneficiaries.


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