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Sub-Grant Project # 14

Name of the sub-grantee: “Partnership and Teaching/P&T” NGO

Name of the sub-grant project: “Public Control As A Community Development Impulse”

Brief Description:

Problem Definition:
Through the proposed program, P&T NGO aims to improve the organization’s capacity for community public control and monitoring by focusing on youth engagement.
Within the framework of the project, groups of 5-7 young monitors will be formed in the enlarged communities of Goris, Tegh, Sisian and Gorayk of Syunik Marz for capacity building trainings on public control, monitoring mechanisms and tools. P&T NGO staff will also take part in the trainings. The young monitors will regularly monitor five-year community development plans and annual budgets in the targeted communities, and will inform community residents and stakeholders about the results. Thanks to monitoring groups, P&T NGO will strengthen its capacity to promote youth public control, role and participation of youth in the Syunik marz communities.
Cooperation platforms will be established between the organization and all youth organizations interested in the marz with the involvement of local self-government and regional organizations.

Actions in Brief:

Goris, Sisian, Gorayk and Tegh communities will have 5-7-member monitoring groups to monitor five-year development plans of the targeted communities in the future.
Capacity-building training for young monitors will be held on the different topics. Skills will help young people control community development programs and budgets and make their data visible to community members.
One-on-one meetings will be held in target communities with local authorities and youth. The proposal packages developed during the meetings will be presented to target communities to improve their five-year development plans. Further cooperation models of youth and local self-government will also be discussed during community meetings.
One regional meeting will be organized with the participation of representatives of the regional administration, youth NGOs of the region, local self-government bodies of all communities of Syunik marz, youth groups and other stakeholders. At the end of the meeting, a Memorandum of Understanding will be signed to signify further cooperation, as well as a platform that will ensure cooperation in the coming years. The memorandum will be ratified by the youth NGOs of the marz, the beneficiary communities, and the Administration of Syunik Marz. Other communities in the marz can join the memorandum later.


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