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Fostering Media Freedom Literacy across the OSCE Region

Executive Summary

This report forms part of a project designed to support policy-making processes, cross-sectoral collaboration, and public awareness of media freedom literacy in the OSCE participating States.

Media literacy (ML) or media and information literacy (MIL) is understood as an umbrella term encompassing a range of skills, competencies, and knowledge that can empower citizens to make informed decisions in relation to the media content that they consume, create, and disseminate – thereby influencing and strengthening democratic societies. As such, it is a critical skill set for the preservation/development of democratic values and principles.

Acknowledging the nexus between media freedom and media literacy, this report aims to provide a practical tool which would help to advance media freedom literacy across the OSCE region. It is hoped that by exploring the concept of media freedom literacy and trying to describe it in terms of competencies and skills, urgent attention can be drawn to the need for citizens to develop a set of skills that are critical to the effective functioning of democratic societies.

 A report for the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media exploring how Media Freedom Literacy can be fostered across the OSCE region


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